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It is no small decision when you do a remodeling project or decide to redo a room. After the project is complete it is something you live with every day. That is why we have been using the...
L. Greenwald

Welcome to Johnson Interior Design [formerly called Town and Country Interiors]

     We’re excited to have you visit us! If you’re not already familiar with our company, we'd love to fill you in on a little of our history. Fomerly called Town and Country Interiors, we've been a part of Mankato for over 30 years. Since 1974, a staff of experienced professionals has enjoyed working with clients to create custom design options for both residential and commericial applications.  In 2005, we became a division of Earl Johnson Furniture and moved our showroom to its present location, in the heart of downtown Mankato. This marriage has been beneficial to both companies, allowing more products and services to be available to our clients. Recently, we begun the transitiion of changing our name to Johnson Interior Design, but rest assured, we're still the same company and have the same ownership. Johnson Interior Design and it's new look gives us a nice modern update and unifies us with our other two stores, Johnson Furniture & Johnson Mattress.  We cover everything from furniture, wall-coverings and custom window treatments to carpet, tile, wood flooring, accessories …and much more.

      We’d love to get to know you and assess your needs to create a plan that is right for you. Please give us a call to set up an appointment for a consultation, we’ll listen carefully to your needs and create a plan that is right for you. Whether it involves a single room, an entire home or a business; we work closely with clients to put together complete settings to complement their personality & lifestyle.

     Not sure what you need? We can help in a couple of differenct capacities. If you’d like advice from our designers but choose not to purchase our merchandise, we would bill on an hourly Design Consultation basis. These services may also include consulting with your architect or contractor, shopping for non-Johnson Design merchandise or re-arranging your present furniture and accessories. However, if you purchase what we consulted you on, through that designer, we can work with you on waiving those fees. So essentially you could have our services at no additional charge! While some exclusions do apply, we are happy to talk with you about your specific project! 

Please feel free to stop by and check out our showroom at 429 S. 2nd Street, at the corner of S. 2nd & Cherry Streets.